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Top 10 Events of Arshine Group in 2022

In the past year of 2022, we lived a fulfilling life, walked with determination, and progressed steadfastly through 365 days. With each day, we honed our skills, cultivated a sense of responsibility, fulfilled our mission, and embraced our duties. We extend our gratitude to every employee for their hard work and relentless efforts, and we appreciate all those who cared for us and offered their assistance. As the saying goes, one reaps what they sow. Every endeavor leaves its mark, and every splendid moment will be remembered. Let's recount ten significant events that took place with a slight delay and reflect upon the footprints we left behind in 2022.


01 Intensive Visits and Kind Messages from Provincial and Municipal Leaders to Arshine


In May and June of 2022, leaders from the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, including Vice Director Li Xinqiu, Vice Chairperson of the Hunan Provincial Women's Federation Zhou Zhimei, Deputy Mayor of Changsha City Kang Zhenlin, Vice Chairperson of the Changsha Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Huang Feng, Director of the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce Zheng Ping, and Liu Dongmei from CITIC Insurance Hunan Branch, successively visited Arshine Group for research and guidance. They offered their encouragement and support, urging Arshine Group to leverage its global sales channel advantages, further expand and strengthen its presence, and devote itself to becoming a leading service group in the extensive health industry chain. This effort is aimed at making new and greater contributions to foreign trade in Hunan Province and Changsha City.