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What are the precautions for aminophylline?
what is aminophylline

Aminophylline is a drug composed of theophylline and ethylenediamine double salt, aminophylline drugs mainly play a pharmacological role in theophylline, aminophylline this drug has the effects and effects of relaxing bronchial smooth muscle, asthma, immune regulation, anti-inflammatory, stimulating the respiratory center and enhancing respiratory muscle contractility, so for the good effects of aminophylline, aminophylline is used in the treatment process of various diseases, we must have a full understanding of the application of aminophylline.

1. Aminophylline can be used to treat dyspnea caused by a variety of asthma diseases, and can effectively alleviate some related wheezing symptoms, so the efficacy achieved in the treatment of various asthma diseases is actually considerable. Because aminophylline can effectively maintain the activity of phosphodiesterase, thus achieving the effect of dilating the airway.

2. Aminophylline can also be used to treat pulmonary hypertension, because aminophylline has the effect of relaxing smooth muscle, which can effectively eliminate the occurrence of pulmonary edema.

3. In addition, aminophylline can also be used in the treatment of asphyxia and sleep apnea syndrome in premature infants, so the theophylline components in aminophylline have the effect of stimulating the respiratory center, which can help enhance the contractility of the diaphragm, which is very effective in the treatment of apnea syndrome, and can also effectively deal with the occurrence of asphyxia in premature infants by stimulating the myocardium and preventing bradycardia.

4. Aminophylline can also treat intractable cough, but it is necessary to exclude the occurrence of bronchial organic lesions and pulmonary organic lesions before treating intractable cough.

Although the therapeutic effect of aminophylline for related diseases is very considerable, but some of the toxic reactions caused by aminophylline are more serious, if we have some wrong drug behaviors in the process of application, resulting in excessive dosage of aminophylline, then it will lead to obvious gastrointestinal discomfort, allergies, respiratory failure and other toxic reactions in patients, if not treated in time, it will even threaten the life safety of patients, so we must be cautious in the use of aminophylline under the guidance of professional doctors. The methods used must be scientific, standardized, and reasonable, and must not be abused at will.

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