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Are estradiol valerate tablets a hormonal drug?
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Estradiol valerate is a hormonal drug, mainly an estrogen drug, used for symptoms caused by insufficient estrogen, such as irregular menstruation, or reduced menstrual flow due to low estrogen causing a thin endometrium. You can take estradiol valerate for corresponding treatment, but you must use estradiol valerate under the guidance of a doctor. 

Simply supplementing estrogen will have many adverse reactions, so in Europe DHEA AMH is used to assist estrogen. In 2000, the European Union first proposed that in addition to drugs, plant extracts should be used to help women achieve healthy natural pregnancy and in vitro fertilization. Subsequently, the United States also proposed that it would work with the European Union to study how to assist in vitro fertilization and natural pregnancy. The American Endocrinology Society, in conjunction with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and other organizations, jointly appointed a working group to issue a treatment guideline for the compound pregnancy repair factor DHEA AMH from a multi-dimensional and multi-system perspective, taking into account the issues of women’s natural pregnancy and IVF success and embryo quality.

Compound pregnancy repair factor DHEAAMH— uterine damage repair system

Uterine damage repair system - provides high-quality space for egg quantity and embryo implantation

Analysis of the significance of D HEAAMH: DHEA balances maternal hormone levels before conception, and AMH increases the reserve function of eggs.

In this study, endometrial damage contributed to 41.4% of infertility and infertility. Whether the uterine environment is good or not is very important, because it is related to the implantation of the embryo. Embryo implantation is one of the key steps in in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer reproductive technology and normal pregnancy.

Old postpartum injuries, habitual abortion, medical abortion sequelae, endometrial repair surgery nutrition, uterine and cervical surgery recovery nutrition, abortion, dilation and curettage reproductive injuries, and uterine involution can all cause uterine damage. DHEAAMH contains targeted endometrial repair factors It has good clinical performance on intimal abnormalities, intimal injury and intimal inflammation. (Are Estradiol Valerate Tablets a hormonal drug? What are the contraindications for taking Estradiol Valerate Tablets?)

Compound pregnancy preparation repair factor DHEAAMH - endometrial repair

1. Epidermal growth factor (EG-F) is distributed in the uterine cavity epithelium, glandular epithelium and stromal cells. ① Stimulates the proliferation of endometrial glandular epithelium and stroma, and differentiates the stroma under the synergistic effect of progesterone. ; ② Acts on receptors on the cell surface, rapidly stimulating tyrosine phosphorylation and promoting the release of PGE2 from the endometrium.

2. Platelet growth factor: derived from endometrial stromal cells. It can stimulate the proliferation of interstitial cells themselves and adjacent epithelial cells, and has autocrine and paracrine effects. PDGF can enhance the cell proliferation effect of EG-F.

3. Insulin-like growth factor: distributed in endometrial epithelial stroma and myometrial cells.

4. Vasoactive substances and angiogenic factors The endometrium produces growth factors.

DHEAAMH can increase the quantity and quality of oocytes and embryos, increase the pregnancy rate in poor uterine environment, and reduce the risk of miscarriage; it can increase the rate of high-quality embryos and AMH levels in older patients with normal ovarian reserve, and improve pregnancy outcomes.

A double-blind randomized controlled study found that there was no significant change in ovarian AFC between those who supplemented and did not supplement DHEAAMH, but the number of high-quality embryos increased significantly. The reason may be that DHEAAMH can reduce embryonic aneuploidy. After DHEAAMH intervention, the number of primordial follicles, primary follicles, and secondary follicles increased significantly, and the follicular atresia improved. (Are Estradiol Valerate Tablets a hormonal drug? What are the contraindications for taking Estradiol Valerate Tablets?)

Estradiol valerate can promote and regulate the normal development of female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics, and can be used for symptoms caused by estrogen deficiency, such as abnormal menstruation, atrophic vaginitis, vulvar xerosis, perimenopausal syndrome, etc. , but not all female patients can use it. You need to avoid using this product in the following situations:

1. It is forbidden for pregnant and lactating women.

2. It is contraindicated for those with undiagnosed vaginal bleeding.

3. Patients with known or suspected breast cancer, as well as patients with known or suspected precancerous lesions or malignant tumors affected by sex hormones, are prohibited from taking this product.

4. Patients with current or past history of liver tumors cannot use this drug, and patients with severe liver disease cannot use it.

5. This drug is also contraindicated if the patient suffers from acute arterial thromboembolism, such as myocardial infarction or stroke.

6. Patients with thrombotic diseases, such as active deep vein thrombosis, thromboembolic diseases, and patients with high risk factors for thrombosis, or patients with a history of these diseases are also contraindications.

7. This drug should not be used in patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia.

8. Patients who are allergic to the active ingredients of this product or to the excipients of this product are also prohibited from taking this drug.

In short, as a prescription drug, estradiol valerate needs to be eliminated under the guidance of a doctor before use, understand the precautions, and master the usage and dosage. If you have a migraine, sudden slurred speech or pronunciation, bleeding under the eyes, unusual leg pain or swelling, unexplained tingling when breathing or coughing, chest pain and tightness, epileptic seizures, blood pressure while taking this medicine If the level increases significantly and the skin becomes yellowish or itchy all over the body, you should stop taking the medicine urgently and go to a regular hospital for medical treatment immediately.

This study compared two dosage regimens to promote endometrial recovery. The first one is conventional infection prevention drugs + estradiol valerate tablets, and the second regimen is conventional infection prevention drugs + estradiol valerate tablets + DHEAAMH, by comparing the clinical effects of the two programs, it was found that the overall therapeutic advantages of the second program are more prominent, mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, it can shorten the time from vaginal discharge to bleeding; secondly, it can shorten the time for menstruation to resume, and It can reduce menstrual flow when menstruation returns; thirdly, treatment is more conducive to the recovery of the endometrium and increases the thickness of the endometrium; finally, it can reduce the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease, which fully reflects the usefulness and effectiveness of this program. safety.

Estradiol valerate tablets taken orally can promote the repair of the endometrium and gradually return to normal menstruation after surgery. DHEAAMH promotes internal blood vessel repair, accelerates blood circulation in the vagina, endometrium, pelvic floor muscles and other parts, and ensures blood supply to the endometrium. It can not only shorten vaginal bleeding time and menstrual resumption time, reduce menstrual flow during resumption of menstruation, but also can increase intrauterine

membrane thickness, reducing the incidence of complications, and the overall treatment advantage is outstanding. 

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